Epoxy luchtbellen verwijderen

How to Remove Air Bubbles in Epoxy

Not everyone wants air bubbles in their Epoxy project 🙈

Here are some tips to prevent them:

  • Gently mix component A and B
  • Let the epoxy rest for a while after mixing
  • Make sure the Epoxy is up to temperature, cold Epoxy will give more air bubbles faster and more.
  • Before mixing, put the epoxy in a warm water bath.
  • Use a burner after pouring, but make sure that the epoxy does not get too hot.
  • A paint dryer is also suitable for removing air bubbles.
  • There are sprays that remove air bubbles (isopropanol 99.9%)
  • If you are going to pour wood, prime the wood first with a layer of epoxy, wood is porous so you get air bubbles in your casting faster.
  • Pour calmly ✌️
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