Uitharden epoxy

Curing Epoxy

The ambient temperature has a major influence on the curing of epoxy . Epoxy cures by a chemical reaction between the 2 components. The reaction that occurs after mixing component A and B is exothermic. This means that heat is generated during curing. This heat hardens the epoxy. As a result, there are 2 factors that have a major influence on the curing time of epoxy, ambient temperature and the total amount of epoxy.

When is epoxy fully cured:

Epoxy is dust-dry after 16 to 24 hours (B20), full curing only after 7 to 14 days (recommended temperature 20 degrees)

  • B20 16 to 24 hours dust dry
  • B50 48 to 72 hours dust dry (sandable 4/6 days)
  • B100 72 to 96 hours dust dry (Sandable 8/9 days)

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